Wilson Portrait
It looks like a premier steamer trunk.


Willow Portrait
Ooo! I hope there are useful items inside.


Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang will smash and get treasures!


Wendy Portrait
A very dapper item storage system.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Someone has lost their luggage.


Woodie Portrait
Anything good inside?


Waxwell Portrait
Quite a dapper briefcase if I do say so.


Wigfrid Portrait
I höpe I am spöiled by these spöils öf the sea!


Webber Portrait
Better finish packing.


Walani Portrait
This trunk is a little steamy.


Warly Portrait
Please have fresh underwear inside!


Woodlegs Portrait
Thar might be gold inside.


Steamer Trunk(旅行バッグ)Shipwreckedで追加されたオブジェクトです。旅行バッグにはDeep Ocean(深い海)で見られるものとShip Graveyard(船の墓場)で見られるものの2種類があり、前者はワールド中に4つ存在し、中には有用なクラフトアイテムとTrinketsが入っています。(入っているアイテムのパターンも4種類)また、TrinketsはYaarctopusに渡すとDubloonsと交換してくれます。後者はワールド中に4~8つ存在し、特定のアイテムがランダムに入っています。


中身 編集


Floral Shirt Umbrella Coconut×2 Orange Soda
Summer Frest Dumbrella Coconade×2 Voodoo Doll
Ukulele Snakeskin Hat Sewing Kit Life Jacket
Gold Nugget×2 Straw Roll Honey Poultice Captain HatTropical Parasol Brain Cloud Pill


アイテム 入手確率 耐久値or入手数
Log Suit Straw Hat 25% 15%-55%
Axe Machete Shovel Pickaxe 100% 15%-65%
Flint Dubloons 50% 1-3
Coral Seaweed 100% 3-5


Placeholder トリビア編集

  • Steamer Trunk, less commonly known as Cabin Trunk, is a kind of travel luggage built to fit into various spaces (such as under the bed) in the cabin of steamships during the turn of the twentieth century. They are equivalent to the "carry-on luggage" in today's air travel.
  • When spawned with a console command it will be empty.
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