Wilson Portrait
It's my buddy!


Willow Portrait
He keeps me company.


Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang plays ball!


Wendy Portrait
It speaks to me.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Mr. Chatty Pants.


Woodie Portrait
What a nutter!


Waxwell Portrait
Oh good. A talking sack of stuffing.


Wigfrid Portrait
Finally! Sömeöne tö rehearse with.


Webber Portrait
We like the wild ball man.


Walani Portrait
This dude cracks me up!


Warly Portrait
Your hair needs a brushing.


Woodlegs Portrait
Reminds me o'me old parrot.


RawlingShipwreckedで見られるアイテムです。バスケットボールをベースにしたアイテムであり、プレイヤーの行動によって様々なリアクションをします。台詞はLucy the Axeのように赤文字で表示され、何かキィキィと音を出して喋ります。装備すると2Sanity Meter/分の早さで正気度が回復し、投げることで1Sanity Meter回復します。


Gramophone 台詞編集


  • "I could use a little pick me up."


  • "Let's cut the bottom out of the basket."
  • "This isn't a peach basket..."


  • "Is this some kind of Canadian joke?"
  • "You can carry me. For a couple of steps."
  • "Feel 'free' to throw me."


  • "Shoot!"
  • "I believe I can fly!"
  • "You miss 100 of the shots you don't take!"
  • "Too the peach basket!"


  • "I'm on fire!"


  • "Saved!"

Prototype ワンポイント 編集

  • Rawlingを投げるときは建造物に当てると自分の方へバウンドして返ってくるので素早く投げる動作を繰り返すことができます。もし他に正気度を回復する手段が無いのであればこれを利用して回復しましょう。
  • 濡れた状態のRawlingを装備すると逆に正気度が下がってしまいます。これは濡れたアイテムを装備する事による正気度減少の量がRawlingの持つ正気度回復量を上回っているためです。
  • 耐久値は無限ですがが付くと燃え尽きてしまいます。投げるときは火元に注意しましょう。

Placeholder トリビア 編集

  • Rawling was supposed to be an Item exclusive to Watricia, a Character that was supposed to be released with Shipwrecked, but was later scrapped in favor of Wilbur.
  • Rawling is likely a reference to Wilson, the volleyball companion of Chuck Noland from the movie Cast Away.
  • While the item itself is a reference to Cast Away, the lines spoken by it are references to Canadian Heritage Minute shorts.

Mosquito バグ 編集

  • Attacking with Rawling equipped in the hand slot makes the character's arm disappear during the attacking animation.
  • Rawling says "100 of the shots you take", rather than "100 percent of the shots you take."
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