What a classy bird.


ペングル(Pengull)は野生の動物です。の初め頃に7匹前後が1グループとなって海岸から現れます。群れのサイズは冬が終わるまで拡大し続けます。ペングルはで出現し、海岸へ飛び上がってきます。プレイヤーがペングルを攻撃しようとすると、群れ全体がプレイヤーに対して滑って来て、プレイヤーを囲んで襲いかかります。ペングルは33ダメージの攻撃力を持ち、Jet FeatherMorselDrumstickをドロップします。


通常の攻撃力を持つキャラクターであれば、Spearで5発 、Bat Batで4発、Tentacle SpikeHam BatThulecite ClubDark Sword なら3発で倒せます。





ペングルは繁殖地にたどり着くと、時々を地面に置きますが、プレイヤーが近づくとすぐに隠してしまいます。プレイヤーから卵を隠しているペングルは、死亡時に卵をドロップします。卵は決して孵ることはなく、やがて腐った卵 になります。抱いている卵が腐ったペングルは、腐った卵をドロップしてそのまま放置します。これにより鳥籠が無くても腐った卵を入手することが出来ます。まれに痛んではいるがまだ食べることが出来る卵を残していくこともあります。プレイヤーが近づいてもペングルが卵を隠さない、もしくは眠っているときは、卵を安全に採取することが出来ます。


上述したように、ペングルの群れが海岸に出現すると同時に、それに対応する氷で覆われた繁殖地が出現します。繁殖地はマップ上にペンギンのアイコンで表示されます。ペングルは岸に上がるとすぐに繁殖地目指して移動し、冬の間そこに居座ります。もし繁殖地の氷の上に壁がある場合、ペングルは壁を攻撃します。繁殖地が発生する場所を制御する方法は無いため、繁殖地は壁はもちろんプレイヤーが設置したオブジェクトや装置がある場所に発生することもあります。ペングルは繁殖地へ向かうために障害となるような設置物は破壊しますし、冬の終わり頃になると攻撃的になり、プレイヤーが設置したものもディアクロプス と同じように破壊してしまいます。これは冬の間海に一切近づかないようにする以外、避ける方法はありません。(ペングルはプレイヤーが海に近づかなければ陸には上がってこない)



An effective way of obtaining drops from the pengulls without being mobbed by the flock is to chase one away from the group until the Pengull calls can no longer be heard before attacking. Be warned, though. Returning to the flock, or any flock nearby, while the danger music is playing will cause the Pengulls to attack you. If a group is by several trees, you can try igniting the trees to kill the pengulls. Note that the items they drop upon death may catch fire and burn into ash, however eggs are currently fireproof.

A quick way to get plenty of eggs in Winter is to plant 9 trees at each breeding site (indicated by the Pengull icon on the map) and light the trees once germinated and the Pengulls have settled in with their eggs. It is more likely to eliminate all the Pengulls if done at night when they are sleeping. Most likely, feather drops will be converted to ash, but the eggs will survive intact and the morsels and drumsticks will become cooked. This yields approximately 8 to 10 eggs per breeding site. A more practical way is to plant 4 trees towards the middle of the breeding site. Although some Pengulls remain, a majority will be killed and more feathers survive the fire.

At night when the Pengulls are sleeping it's possible to collect the eggs, this will not wake the Pengulls up. A torch or other light source (such as Willow's lighter) is needed for this.

Another effective strategy requires gunpowder, by now you can can acquire Rotten eggs either via a bird cage or from the nesting grounds themselves (Recommend you go at night to avoid possible pengull aggression. Come to their nesting ground at night and plant the powder. One should be enough, you don't have to kill all of them but try to catch as many in the blast area as possible. The steps in this strategy are

1. Place Gunowder amongst sleeping Pengulls ( You can push the gulls close together by walking into them.)

2. Light Gunpowder with a Torch,

3. Run a safe distance, you have a few seconds before the powder goes off.

4. BOOM! Pengulls close to the gunpowder will die, any others will quickly go back to sleep.

5. Return to the now rather depleted nesting grounds. The pengulls that did not die will still be asleep.

6. Collect profit in the form of  cooked meats, eggs and possible feathers/ash.

Pengulls respawn almost daily so this can be an effective strategy for so long as you have Nitre for making the powder. More can be claimed from rounded boulders or from Caves .

Placeholder トリビア 編集

  • The name "Pengull" is a portmanteau of "penguin" and "seagull."
  • Pengulls will also attempt to hide eggs from caged birds if they are left on the ground, since both eggs are identified as the same thing.
  • If starting the game in winter, the icy turf of the Pengull nesting grounds will not appear until day 6.
  • Ice sheets can run onto the ocean, but you may not step on them.
  • Pengulls were originally called Penguins.
  • Currently Pengulls do not produce manure, although they originally produced manure that was half the size of regular manure, but which became regular manure once picked up.

Mosquito Bugs編集

  • Sometimes Pengulls won't hide their eggs, and the eggs can be collected without being attacked by the Pengulls.
  • When fleeing from the player, a Pengull may glitch out of the land boundary and into the ocean. A few seconds later, another whole flock of Pengulls will respawn.

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