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Don't Starve 攻略 Wiki

Wilson Portrait.png
It's a bit gamey, but it'll do.

Wilson, when examining Meat.

Willow Portrait.png
I could make this better with FIRE!

Willow, when examining Meat.

Wolfgang Portrait.png
Meat makes me strong!

Wolfgang, when examining Meat.

Wendy Portrait.png
It is still bloody.

Wendy, when examining Meat.

WX-78 Portrait.png

WX-78, when examining Meat.

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
I normally wouldn't eat this raw.

Wickerbottom, when examining Meat.

Woodie Portrait.png
Tastes like moose.

Woodie, when examining Meat.

Waxwell Portrait.png
I'm used to much finer fare.

Maxwell, when examining Meat.

Wagstaff Portrait.png
It needs cooking before I can consume it.

Wagstaff, when examining Meat.

Wigfrid Portrait.png
The true fruit öf the earth!

Wigfrid, when examining Meat.

Webber Portrait.png
Some fire would spice this up.

Webber, when examining Meat.

Walani Portrait.png
Five second rule!

Walani, when examining Meat.

Warly Portrait.png
I must remember to cut across the grain.

Warly, when examining Meat.

Woodlegs Portrait.png
Flesh o'th'beast.

Woodlegs, when examining Meat.

Wilba Portrait.png

Wilba, when examining Meat.

Wormwood Portrait.png
For belly

Wormwood, when examining Meat.

Wheeler Portrait.png
Meat. It tastes like meat.

Wheeler, when examining Meat.

Winona Portrait.png
Someone's eatin' good tonight!

Winona, when examining Meat.

Wortox Portrait.png

Wortox, when examining Meat.

Wurt Portrait.png

Wurt, when examining Meat.


Meat(肉)ブタガーディアンピッグWerepigトールバードSmallish TallbirdビーファローBaby Beefalo (teen), コアレファントロックロブスターMacTuskWeeTuskDeerclopsAncient GuardianバニーマンEwecusなど、多数のモブがドロップする肉類食料です。様々な料理のレシピに利用できます。乾燥棚で2日間乾燥させるとJerkyになります。

Gift Icon.png ダウンロードコンテンツ[]

Reign of Giants DLCでは、BeargerDragonflyMoose/GooseVolt GoatMoslingCatcoonも肉をドロップします。

Shipwrecked DLCでは、WildboreWater BeefaloSealnado、成長したDoydoyも肉を落とします。

Hamlet DLCでは、住民ブタプレイアブルになっていない状態のWilbaHippopotamoosePangoldenPlatapineも肉をドロップします。

Don't Starve Together icon.png Don't Starve Together[]

Togetherでは、RoGのものに追加し、AntlionNo-Eyed DeerGem DeerMalbatrossToadstoolも肉をドロップします。

Cooked Meat[]

Wilson Portrait.png
Char broiled to perfection.

Wilson, when examining Cooked Meat.

Willow Portrait.png
Unseasoned meat... great.

Willow, when examining Cooked Meat.

Wolfgang Portrait.png
I made meat good with fire!

Wolfgang, when examining Cooked Meat.

Wendy Portrait.png
The remaining blood has been cooked away.

Wendy, when examining Cooked Meat.

WX-78 Portrait.png

WX-78, when examining Cooked Meat.

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
It is slightly more appetizing when cooked.

Wickerbottom, when examining Cooked Meat.

Woodie Portrait.png
Just like my dear old ma used to make.

Woodie, when examining Cooked Meat.

Waxwell Portrait.png
It smells less like a barnyard now.

Maxwell, when examining Cooked Meat.

Wagstaff Portrait.png
Theoretically it won't cause stomach upset.

Wagstaff, when examining Cooked Meat.

Wigfrid Portrait.png

Wigfrid, when examining Cooked Meat.

Webber Portrait.png
Can't have any pudding if we don't eat it.

Webber, when examining Cooked Meat.

Walani Portrait.png
Surfing fuel!

Walani, when examining Cooked Meat.

Warly Portrait.png
Could use a chimichurri sauce...

Warly, when examining Cooked Meat.

Woodlegs Portrait.png
'Tis a fine meal.

Woodlegs, when examining Cooked Meat.

Wilba Portrait.png

Wilba, when examining Cooked Meat.

Wormwood Portrait.png

Wormwood, when examining Cooked Meat.

Wheeler Portrait.png
Meat on a bone to put a little meat on your bones.

Wheeler, when examining Cooked Meat.

Winona Portrait.png
Cooked meat, ready to eat.

Winona, when examining Cooked Meat.

Wortox Portrait.png
I don't really like having food in my stomach.

Wortox, when examining Cooked Meat.

Wurt Portrait.png
Don't want it, florp.

Wurt, when examining Cooked Meat.

Cooked Meat(調理した肉)は肉を焼いて調理したものです。様々な料理のレシピに利用できます。 Meatを落とす動物やモンスターが炎上中に死亡するとCooked Meatを落とします。 Cooked MeatはMeat Effigiesの作成に必要です。

Icon Tools.png 使い道[]

Fire Pit.png
Cooked Meat.png
Drying Rack.png
Normal Meats.png
Normal Meats.png
Pig King Icon.png
Gold Nugget.png
Cooked Meat.png




Beard Hair.png


Meat Effigy.png
Don't Starve icon.png
Pig Skin.png
Alchemy Engine.png
Ham Bat.png
Normal Meats.png
Crock Pot.png
Meaty Stew.png
Meat value of at least 3

Blueprint.png Gallery[]

食料アイテム Batilisk WingButterButterfly WingsDeerclops EyeballDrumstickFishFrog LegsGuardian's HornGlow BerryHoneyLeafy MeatLight BulbMandrakeMeatMonster MeatMorselPhlegm
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(Webber's Skull Reign of Giants icon.png) (Booty BagChest of the DepthsEyeshotHarpoonIron KeyTarnished CrownYellow Mosquito Sack Shipwrecked icon.png) (Snake Oil Shipwrecked icon.pngHamlet icon.png) (Bandit Stash MapHalberdPetrifying BonesRoyal CrownSnake BoneSpoiled FishSwashy HatTorch Hamlet icon.png) (Bee Queen CrownBone HelmBone ArmorChilled LavaeDeer AntlerFossil FragmentsLavae EggMalbatross BillRoseShadow AtriumShadow ThuribleSketchStag Antler Don't Starve Together icon.png)
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魚介類 Fish (Cooked) • Eel (Cooked)
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モンスターフード Durian (Extra Smelly) • Monster Meat (Cooked)
(Dead Jellyfish (CookedDried)Shipwrecked icon.png)
モブが落とす ButterButterfly WingsEgg (Cooked) • HoneyPhlegmTallbird Egg (FriedHatching)
(Electric MilkGlommer's Goop Reign of Giants icon.png) (Doydoy Egg (Fried) Shipwrecked icon.png) (Flytrap StalkNectar Hamlet icon.png) (Moon Moth WingsRoyal Jelly Don't Starve Together icon.png)
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(Cactus Flesh (Cooked) • Cactus Flower Reign of Giants icon.png) (Seaweed (CookedDried) • Sweet Potato (Cooked) Shipwrecked icon.png) (Aloe (Cooked) • NettleRadish (Cooked) • Tuber (FriedBloomingFried Blooming) Hamlet icon.png) (Asparagus (Cooked) Hamlet icon.pngDon't Starve Together icon.png) (Garlic (Roasted) • Kelp Fronds (CookedDried) • Lesser Glow BerryOnion (Roasted) • Pepper (Roasted) • Potato (Roasted) • Ripe Stone Fruit (Cooked) • SucculentToma Root (Roasted) Don't Starve Together icon.png)
果物類 Berries (Roasted) • Dragon Fruit (Prepared) • Durian (Extra Smelly) • Pomegranate (Sliced) • Banana (Cooked)
(Watermelon (Grilled) Reign of Giants icon.png) (Halved CoconutCooked CoconutCoffee Beans (Roasted) Shipwrecked icon.png) (Juicy Berries (Roasted) Don't Starve Together icon.png)
乳製品 Butter
(Electric Milk Reign of Giants icon.png)
虫類 Hamlet icon.png (Bean Bugs (Cooked) • Gummy Slug (Cooked) Hamlet icon.png)
調理鍋 Bacon and EggsButter MuffinDragonpieFish TacosFishsticksFroggle BunwichFist Full of JamFruit MedleyHoney HamHoney NuggetsKabobsMandrake SoupMeatballsMeaty StewMonster LasagnaPierogiPowdercakePumpkin CookiesRatatouilleStuffed EggplantTaffyTurkey DinnerUnagiWafflesWet Goop
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その他 RotRotten EggSeeds (Toasted SeedsCrop Seeds)
(Birchnut (Roasted) • Ice Reign of Giants icon.png) (BlubberBrainy MatterBile-Covered Slop Shipwrecked icon.png) (Bramble BulbClippingsMagic WaterSeed Pod (Cooked) Hamlet icon.png) (Lune Tree Blossom Don't Starve Together icon.png)