the Shipwrecked food itemについてはSeaweedをご覧ください
Wilson Portrait
It gets my pockets all wet and gross.

Wilson, when examining Kelp Fronds.

Willow Portrait
HEY! Who dares me to eat it raw?

Willow, when examining Kelp Fronds.

Wolfgang Portrait
Slimy sea spinach!

Wolfgang, when examining Kelp Fronds.

Wendy Portrait
It's... I don't know. Sigh.

Wendy, when examining Kelp Fronds.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining Kelp Fronds.

Wickerbottom Portrait
It is an edible kelp species.

Wickerbottom, when examining Kelp Fronds.

Woodie Portrait
Could cook it up real nice.

Woodie, when examining Kelp Fronds.

Waxwell Portrait
Can I eat something that's not slimy for once?

Maxwell, when examining Kelp Fronds.

Wigfrid Portrait
Ridiculöus sea vegetable.

Wigfrid, when examining Kelp Fronds.

Webber Portrait
Slimy, yet satisfying.

Webber, when examining Kelp Fronds.

Wormwood Portrait
Belly stuff?

Wormwood, when examining Kelp Fronds.

Winona Portrait
I'll try anything once.

Winona, when examining Kelp Fronds.

Wortox Portrait
Kelp would be of no help.

Wortox, when examining Kelp Fronds.

Kelp Fronds (昆布の葉)Don't Starve TogetherReturn of Them アップデートで追加された野菜食べ物アイテムです。岩浜バイオームブルケルプの植え込みから収穫することができます。食べると少しの満腹度を回復させますが、プレイヤーの体力正気度を減少させます。昆布の葉は調理鍋で調理することができませんが、乾燥棚で乾かすことができ、乾燥昆布の葉を入手できます。海花冠のクラフトに使うこともできます。

Cooked Kelp Fronds 編集

Wilson Portrait
It's closer to a liquid than a solid.

Wilson, when examining Cooked Kelp Fronds.

Willow Portrait
Great, now I don't have to chew.

Willow, when examining Cooked Kelp Fronds.

Wolfgang Portrait
Sea spinach make Wolfgang strong to the finish.

Wolfgang, when examining Cooked Kelp Fronds.

Wendy Portrait
The things we do for sustenance.

Wendy, when examining Cooked Kelp Fronds.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining Cooked Kelp Fronds.

Wickerbottom Portrait
That certainly didn't improve the texture.

Wickerbottom, when examining Cooked Kelp Fronds.

Woodie Portrait
Good eatin' right there, if you ask me.

Woodie, when examining Cooked Kelp Fronds.

Waxwell Portrait
This was not an improvement.

Maxwell, when examining Cooked Kelp Fronds.

Wigfrid Portrait
Tis even wörse than beföre.

Wigfrid, when examining Cooked Kelp Fronds.

Webber Portrait
He doesn't like it very much, but I think it's okay.

Webber, when examining Cooked Kelp Fronds.

Wormwood Portrait
Mmmm... slimy!

Wormwood, when examining Cooked Kelp Fronds.

Winona Portrait
Well, that's not how I would have prepared it.

Winona, when examining Cooked Kelp Fronds.

Wortox Portrait
Mortals have such funny tastes.

Wortox, when examining Cooked Kelp Fronds.

Cooked Kelp Fronds (調理した昆布の葉)で昆布の葉を調理することで入手できる、野菜の食べ物アイテムです。生の状態と違い、体力を減少させません。

Icon Tools 用途編集

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Placeholder トリビア編集

  • 昆布の葉は Turn of Tides アップデートで追加されました。

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