Wilson Portrait
This creature is pure science!


Willow Portrait
It's shriveling up.


Wolfgang Portrait
If I punch jelly, it will become jam.


Wendy Portrait
How can such a curious thing even live?


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Jellyfish, the most ancient of multi-organ creatures.


Woodie Portrait
That's a jellyfish, don'tcha know.


Waxwell Portrait
What a strange little organism.


Wigfrid Portrait
I expected sea mönsters tö be bigger.


Webber Portrait
That blob is alive!


Walani Portrait
I hate these things.


Warly Portrait
Electric meduse for dinner?


Woodlegs Portrait
Shockin'ly squishy.



Bug NetTrawl Netを使用すれば安全に生け捕りにする事ができます。生け捕りにした場合インベントリ上で右クリックをすることで殺すことができます。また感電せずに殺すにはSnakeskin HatSnakeskin Jacketのように電気を通さないアイテムを装備をする必要があります。

死んだ状態(Dead Jellyfish)であれば食べることができ、それらはとても優秀なHealth回復アイテムとなります。調理をすればCooked Jellyfish、Drying Rackで干せばDried Jellyfishとなります。1ポイント分のとしてCrock Potの材料にもできますが、同時にこの食材はモンスターフードの要素も持つので注意する必要があります。

Jellyfishを陸上に落とすとピチピチ跳ねたのちDead Jellyfishとなります。すでに死んでいる場合は跳ねません。また、生死を問わず陸地に落としたものを再び拾うと感電します。

JellyfishはIce Staff2回で凍り、Sleep Dart1回で眠ります。

Icon Tools Usage 編集

Inventory slot backgroundJellyfishYaarctopus IconInventory slot backgroundOctopus Chest
Inventory slot backgroundJellyfishDrying RackInventory slot backgroundDried Jellyfish
Inventory slot backgroundJellyfishInventory slot background IceInventory slot backgroundTwigsInventory slot backgroundFillerCrock PotInventory slot backgroundJelly-O Pop
Inventory slot backgroundJellyfishInventory slot background BambooInventory slot background BambooInventory slot background BambooScience MachineInventory slot backgroundSpear Gun
Inventory slot backgroundJellyfishInventory slot background Empty BottleInventory slot background Empty BottleInventory slot backgroundPalm Leaf


Science MachineInventory slot backgroundSea Trap
Inventory slot backgroundJellyfishInventory slot background Empty BottleInventory slot background Empty BottleInventory slot backgroundCoralInventory slot backgroundCoralInventory slot backgroundCoralAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundParticulate Purifier
Inventory slot backgroundJellyfishInventory slot background Brainy MatterInventory slot backgroundRopeInventory slot backgroundRopeAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundBrain of Thought

Placeholder Trivia編集

  • The bodily appearance of the Jellyfish, and the fact they can be eaten, suggests that they are modeled after Rhizostomae order of Jellyfish, which is mostly composed of edible Jellyfishes.
  • Jellyfish are the only mobs that can cause direct health damage to the player while they are on a Boat.

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