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Wilson Portrait
I bet there's all sorts of good stuff down there!

Wilson, examining a Grave

Willow Portrait
It's full of dead stuff, I bet.

Willow, examining a Grave

Wolfgang Portrait
Scary! Is probably full of bones!

Wolfgang, examining a Grave

Wendy Portrait
Some day, I will join you.

Wendy, examining a Grave

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, examining a Grave

Wickerbottom Portrait
A burial mound.

Wickerbottom, examining a Grave

Woodie Portrait
I should probably leave that alone.

Woodie, examining a Grave

Waxwell Portrait
What lies beneath?

Maxwell, examining a Grave

Wigfrid Portrait
Are there treasures beneath the gravestönes?

Wigfrid, examining a Grave

Webber Portrait
Our loot sense is tingling.

Webber, examining a Grave

Walani Portrait
Seems rude to mess with it.

Walani, examining a Grave

Warly Portrait
I cannot help wondering what might be down there.

Warly, examining a Grave

Woodlegs Portrait
Not a bad place ta hide yer silver.

Woodlegs, examining a Grave

Wilson Portrait
I should probably feel bad about that.

Wilson, digging a Grave

Willow Portrait
Better it than me.

Willow, digging a Grave

Wolfgang Portrait
I am sorry, dead peoples.

Wolfgang, digging a Grave

Wendy Portrait
The earth has vomited up its secrets.

Wendy, digging a Grave

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, digging a Grave

Wickerbottom Portrait
A desecrated burial mound.

Wickerbottom, digging a Grave

Woodie Portrait
Sorry! Don't haunt me!

Woodie, digging a Grave

Waxwell Portrait
Already got that one.

Maxwell, digging a Grave

Wigfrid Portrait
I wanted the lööt!

Wigfrid, digging a Grave

Webber Portrait
We're sorry about that.

Webber, digging a Grave

Walani Portrait
Thanks for the loot, dude.

Walani, digging a Grave

Warly Portrait
What have I become?

Warly, digging a Grave

Woodlegs Portrait
I had ta check fer treasure!

Woodlegs, digging a Grave



10%の確率でゴースト(Ghost)が出現します。それ以外は、4.17%の確率でさまざまなTrinket(ガラクタ)が、15.38%の確率でブルージェム(Blue Gem)レッドジェム(Red Gem)が、3.07%の確率で命のアミュレット(Life Giving Amulet)ギア(Gears)悪夢の燃料(Nightmare Fuel)が手に入ります。

掘り起こすのに、ショベルの耐久値を4%消費します。金ショベルであれば、 1%の耐久値消費です。




  • "Here lies some guy. Blah blah blah."
  • "This headstone is blank"
  • "It says: 'Milk. Eggs. Bacon.'"
  • "Hey that's my name!"
  • Developer names (Set Piece)
  • "Not sick, just coffin."
  • It says "Catch you later."
  • "Five more minutes."
  • "And don't come back."
  • "This world could not hold me."
  • It reads "Right behind you..." and "Made you look!"
  • "Quoth the tall bird, Evermore."
  • Theres just a big "W" etched in it.
  • It says "Come on in."
  • It says "I guess this is my life now."
  • It says "Right where I belong."
  • An engravement of their last words: "Hey, watch this."
  • "Its not as bad as it looks."
  • It says "See you on the other side."
  • It says "These are just the pieces we could find."
  • It reads "You're standing on my face." Oops.
  • It says "Don't make fun. You'll be here too one day."
  • It reads "I can dig it." Oh.
  • It reads "Care to join me?"
  • It says "On to the next adventure."
  • It says "Finally, some peace and quiet."
  • An engravement of their last words: "Thats enough of that."
  • "Whoops."
  • "I've better places to be."
  • An engravement of their last words: "This is fine."
  • The inscription reads "Always watching" Odd.
  • It says "Mind your own business."
  • Its covered in a peaceful moss.
  • "Just needed a rest."
  • "Here lies some guy."
  • "Here lies some gal."
  • "Here lies some person."
  • "Age makes fools of us all."
  • It says "Help! get me out!" and "Nah, just kidding" beneath.
  • It says "I hope I turned the oven off."

Reign of Giants iconReign of Giants編集

Reign of Giants DLCでは掘り起こし済みの墓穴にWebber's Skullを埋めることで新しいキャラクターWebberをアンロックすることができます。埋め終わることでWebberが現れ、周りには大量の蜘蛛も出現しますがこれを倒す必要はありません。また埋め終わった墓穴は再度掘り起こす事ができます。

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