Fruit(果物類)Don't Starveにおける食料アイテムです。無印では5種類の果物があります。(DLCであるReign of Giantsでは1種類、Shipwreckedではさらに2種類、Don't Starve TogetherではRoGの物に加えて1種類追加されました)

果物を使用した調理鍋の料理は4品あります。(DLCであるReign of GiantsReign of Giants iconでは2品、ShipwreckedShipwrecked iconではさらに3品の料理が追加されました)大体の果物は調理後の方が消費期限が短いです。(ただしコーヒー豆は別 Shipwrecked icon

ベリー洞窟バナナはワールド上で自然発生していますが、それ以外の果物は農場を植えて育てる必要があります。ココナッツShipwrecked iconは最大レベルまで育ったヤシの木を切り倒すことでドロップし、マチェットで半分に割ることで食べられるようになります。コーヒー豆Shipwrecked iconコーヒープラントから採取できます。

調理済み DLC ポイント
Pomegranate Pomegranate Sliced Pomegranate Sliced Pomegranate 1
Dragon Fruit Dragon Fruit Prepared Dragon Fruit Prepared Dragon Fruit 1
Durian Durian Extra Smelly Durian Extra Smelly Durian 1
Berries Berries Roasted Berries Roasted Berries 0.5
Cave Banana Cave Banana Cooked Cave Banana Cooked Cave Banana 1
Watermelon Watermelon Grilled Watermelon Grilled Watermelon Reign of Giants icon Shipwrecked icon 1
Halved Coconut Halved Coconut Roasted Coconut Roasted Coconut Shipwrecked icon 1
Coffee Beans Coffee Beans Cooked Coffee Beans Cooked Coffee Beans Shipwrecked icon 1
Juicy Berries Juicy Berries Roasted Juicy Berries Roasted Juicy Berries Don't Starve Together icon 0.5


Turkey Dinnerは果物を使う料理ですが、肉料理に分類されます。(Wigfridが食べる事ができる。所持することでバニーマンから敵対する。)

食料 名前 DLC Health Meter Hunger Meter Sanity Meter Rot Crock Pot Priority レシピ
必要素材 かさ増し材料
Banana PopBanana PopShipwrecked icon +20 +12.5 +33101020 Banana Ice Twigs 禁止:MeatsFishes
CoffeeCoffeeShipwrecked icon +3 +9.375 -5101030 Cooked Coffee Beansx3 Dairy product Sweetener Cooked Coffee Beansのみ使用可
DragonpieDragonpie +40 +75 +515401 Dragon Fruitsx1 禁止:Meats
Fist Full of JamFist Full of Jam +3 +37.5 +515100 Fruitx0.5 禁止:Meats VegetablesTwigs
Fresh Fruit CrepesFresh Fruit CrepesShipwrecked icon +60 +150 +15102030 Fruitx1.5 Butterx1 Honeyx1 Portable Crock Pot専用料理
Fruit MedleyFruit Medley +20 +25 +56100 Fruitx3.0 禁止:MeatsVegetablesDragon Fruits
MelonsicleMelonsicleReign of Giants icon +3 +12.5 +2031010 Watermelonx1 Icex1 Twigsx1 禁止:MeatsAll EggsVegetables
Trail MixTrail MixReign of Giants icon +30 +12.5 +5151010 Roasted Birchnut×1 Berry×1 Fruit×0.5 禁止:MeatsAll EggsVegetablesDairy product
Turkey DinnerTurkey Dinner +20 +75 +566010 Drumstickx2 Meatsx0.5 (Vegetables or Fruit) x0.5
肉類 Morsel (Cooked) • Meat (Cooked) • Monster Meat (Cooked) • Leafy Meat (Cooked) • Deerclops EyeballDrumstick (Fried) • Fish (Cooked) • Eel (Cooked) • Frog Legs (Cooked) • Koalefant Trunk (SteakWinter) • Jerky (SmallMonster) • Batilisk Wing (Cooked) • Guardian's Horn
(Dragoon HeartEye of the Tiger Shark Shipwrecked icon)
魚介類 Fish (Cooked) • Eel (Cooked)
(CrabbitDead DogfishDead SwordfishFish Morsel (Cooked) • Dead Jellyfish (CookedDried) • Limpets (Cooked) • Mussel (Cooked) • Neon Quattro (Cooked) • Pierrot Fish (Cooked) • Purple Grouper (Cooked) • Dead Rainbow Jellyfish (Cooked) • Raw Fish (Cooked) • Roe (Cooked) • Shark FinTropical FishWobster (DeadCooked) Shipwrecked icon)
モンスターフード Durian (Extra Smelly) • Monster Meat (Cooked)
(Dead Jellyfish (CookedDried)Shipwrecked icon)
モブが落とす ButterButterfly WingsEgg (Cooked) • HoneyPhlegmTallbird Egg (FriedHatching)
(Electric MilkGlommer's Goop Reign of Giants icon) (Doydoy Egg (Fried) Shipwrecked icon) (Flytrap StalkNectar Hamlet icon) (Moon Moth WingsRoyal Jelly Don't Starve Together icon)
野菜類 Carrot (Roasted) • Corn (Popcorn) • Eggplant (Braised) • FoliageGlow BerryLichenMandrake (Cooked) • Pumpkin (Hot) • Red Cap (Cooked) • Green Cap (Cooked) • Blue Cap (Cooked) • Petals (Dark)
(Cactus Flesh (Cooked) • Cactus Flower Reign of Giants icon) (Seaweed (CookedDried) • Sweet Potato (Cooked) Shipwrecked icon) (Aloe (Cooked) • NettleRadish (Cooked) • Tuber (FriedBloomingFried Blooming) Hamlet icon) (Asparagus (Cooked) Hamlet iconDon't Starve Together icon) (Garlic (Roasted) • Kelp Fronds (CookedDried) • Lesser Glow BerryOnion (Roasted) • Pepper (Roasted) • Potato (Roasted) • Ripe Stone Fruit (Cooked) • SucculentToma Root (Roasted) Don't Starve Together icon)
果物類 Berries (Roasted) • Dragon Fruit (Prepared) • Durian (Extra Smelly) • Pomegranate (Sliced) • Banana (Cooked)
(Watermelon (Grilled) Reign of Giants icon) (Halved CoconutCooked CoconutCoffee Beans (Roasted) Shipwrecked icon) (Juicy Berries (Roasted) Don't Starve Together icon)
乳製品 Butter
(Electric Milk Reign of Giants icon)
虫類 Hamlet icon (Bean Bugs (Cooked) • Gummy Slug (Cooked) Hamlet icon)
調理鍋 Bacon and EggsButter MuffinDragonpieFish TacosFishsticksFroggle BunwichFist Full of JamFruit MedleyHoney HamHoney NuggetsKabobsMandrake SoupMeatballsMeaty StewMonster LasagnaPierogiPowdercakePumpkin CookiesRatatouilleStuffed EggplantTaffyTurkey DinnerUnagiWafflesWet Goop
(Flower SaladGuacamoleIce CreamMelonsicleSpicy ChiliTrail Mix Reign of Giants icon) (Banana PopBisqueCalifornia RollCaviarCevicheCoffee • (Fresh Fruit CrepesMonster TartareMussel BouillabaiseSweet Potato Souffle Portable Crock Pot) • Jelly-O PopLobster BisqueLobster DinnerSeafood GumboShark Fin SoupSurf 'n' TurfTropical Bouillabaisse Shipwrecked icon) (Asparagus SoupFeijoadaGummy CakeHard Shell TacosIced TeaNettle RollsSnake Bone SoupSpicy Vegetable StingerSteamed Ham SandwichTea Hamlet icon) (Creamy Potato PuréeFancy Spiralled TubersJellybeansSalsa FrescaStuffed Pepper Poppers (AsparagazpachoBone BouillonFish Cordon BleuGlow Berry MousseGrim GaletteHot Dragon Chili SaladMoquecaPuffed Potato SouffléVolt Goat Chaud-Froid Portable Crock Pot) Don't Starve Together icon)
その他 RotRotten EggSeeds (Toasted SeedsCrop Seeds)
(Birchnut (Roasted) • Ice Reign of Giants icon) (BlubberBrainy MatterBile-Covered Slop Shipwrecked icon) (Bramble BulbClippingsMagic WaterSeed Pod (Cooked) Hamlet icon) (Lune Tree Blossom Don't Starve Together icon)
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