Now to find peanut butter.(ピーナッツバターを探そう)


Fist Full of Jam(一掴みのジャム)Crock Potで作成可能な果物系食料。 種類を問わず果物類を計2.5ポイント以下の分だけ入れると10秒で完成する。 ただしDragon Fruitを入れるとDragonpieに、果物の量が3ポイント以上になるとFruit Medleyになる。

肉類野菜類及びTwigsは入れられない(それぞれMeatballsRatatouilleWet Goopになってしまう)。

Berries4つで簡単に作れるものの、Hunger回復量はRoasted Berries3つと同じなので結果的に損になる。Health回復量も少ない。 Sanityを5だけ回復でき、消費期限も長いという利点はあるものの、わざわざ作る必要性は乏しい残念なレシピ。


  • 必須: PomegranateSliced PomegranateDurianExtra Smelly DurianBerriesRoasted BerriesCave BananaCooked Cave Banana
  • 除外: Dragon FruitPrepared Dragon FruitTwigs
  • 除外: Meats Crock Pot
  • 除外: Vegetables Crock Pot(No Mandrake)

Icon Science レシピ編集

Inventory slot backgroundFruit

×0.5 to 2.5

Inventory slot background FillerCrock PotInventory slot backgroundFist Full of JamDragon Fruitを除く果物で、かつ容量オーバーしない範囲で

レシピ例 編集

Inventory slot backgroundBerriesInventory slot background BerriesInventory slot backgroundBerriesInventory slot backgroundBerriesCrock PotInventory slot backgroundFist Full of Jam
Inventory slot backgroundExtra Smelly DurianInventory slot background BerriesInventory slot backgroundBerriesInventory slot backgroundBerriesCrock PotInventory slot backgroundFist Full of Jam

Icon Tools 用途編集

Inventory slot backgroundFist Full of JamPig IconInventory slot backgroundManure
肉類 Morsel (Cooked) • Meat (Cooked) • Monster Meat (Cooked) • Leafy Meat (Cooked) • Deerclops EyeballDrumstick (Fried) • Fish (Cooked) • Eel (Cooked) • Frog Legs (Cooked) • Koalefant Trunk (SteakWinter) • Jerky (SmallMonster) • Batilisk Wing(Cooked) • Guardian's Horn
(DogfishDragoon HeartEye of the Tiger SharkRaw Fish (Cooked) • Shark FinTropical Fish Shipwrecked icon)
魚介類 Fish (Cooked) • Eel (Cooked)
(CrabbitDogfishFish Morsel (Cooked) • Dead Jellyfish (CookedDried) • Limpets (Cooked) • Mussels (Cooked) • Neon Quattro (Cooked) • Pierrot Fish (Cooked) • Purple Grouper (Cooked) • Dead Rainbow Jellyfish (Cooked) • Raw Fish (Cooked) • Roe (Cooked) • Shark FinSwordfishTropical FishWobster (DeadCooked) Shipwrecked icon)
モンスターフード Durian (Extra Smelly) • Monster Meat (Cooked)
(Dead Jellyfish (CookedDried) • Dead Rainbow Jellyfish (Cooked) • Roe (Cooked)Shipwrecked icon)
動物が落とす ButterButterfly WingsEgg (Cooked) • Tallbird Egg (FriedHatching) • Honey
(Electric MilkGlommer's Goop Reign of Giants icon) (PhlegmRoyal Jelly Don't Starve Together icon) (Doydoy Egg (Fried)Shipwrecked icon)
野菜 Carrot (Roasted) • Corn (Popcorn) • Eggplant (Braised) • FoliageGlow BerryLichenMandrake (Cooked) • Pumpkin (Hot) • Red Mushroom (Cooked Red Cap) • Green Mushroom (Cooked Green Cap) • Blue Mushroom (Cooked Blue Cap) • Petals (Dark)
(Cactus Flesh (Cooked) • Cactus Flower Reign of Giants icon) (Lesser Glow Berry Don't Starve Together icon)
(Seaweed (CookedDried) • Sweet Potato (Cooked) Shipwrecked icon)
果物 Berries (Roasted) • Dragon Fruit (Prepared) • Durian (Extra Smelly) • Pomegranate (Sliced) • Banana (Cooked)
(Watermelon (Grilled) Reign of Giants icon) (Juicy Berries (Roasted) Don't Starve Together icon)
(Halved CoconutCooked CoconutCoffee Beans (Roasted) Shipwrecked icon)
乳製品 Butter • (Electric Milk Reign of Giants icon)
調理鍋 Bacon and EggsButter MuffinDragonpieFish TacosFishsticksFroggle BunwichFist Full of JamFruit MedleyHoney HamHoney NuggetsKabobsMandrake SoupMeatballsMeaty StewMonster LasagnaPierogiPowdercakePumpkin CookiesRatatouilleStuffed EggplantTaffyTurkey DinnerUnagiWafflesWet Goop
(Flower SaladGuacamoleIce CreamMelonsicleSpicy ChiliTrail Mix Reign of Giants icon) (Banana PopBisqueCalifornia RollCaviarCevicheCoffeeJelly-O PopLobster BisqueLobster DinnerSeafood GumboShark Fin SoupSurf 'n' TurfTropical Bouillabaisse Shipwrecked icon) (Fresh Fruit CrepesMonster TartareMussel BouillabaiseSweet Potato Souffle Portable Crock Pot Shipwrecked icon) (Jellybeans Don't Starve Together icon)
その他 RotRotten EggSeeds (Toasted SeedsCrop Seeds)
(Birchnut (Roasted) • Ice Reign of Giants icon) (BlubberBrainy MatterBile-Covered Slop Shipwrecked icon)