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Don't Starve

[Game Update] Hamlet - 428605 to 429404 - - 2020/09/03 22:05

[Game Update] - 429404Updated the less photosensitive lightning effects for DLCs[Game Update] - 428605 Changed the lightning visuals to be less harmful photosensitive eyes. Added a "Screen Flashes" op...

[Game Update] Hamlet - 345820 to 379591 - - 2019/06/25 17:37

Bug Fixes: Player will wait until after landing on a boat to sneeze. Fixed a graphic bug with fence gates when exiting interiors. Insulated sac, sea sack and gold rock gets a minimap icon. Pathfindin...

[Game Update] Hamlet - 343524 - - 2019/06/14 22:25

We've added a new Performance setting in Settings called Dynamic Asset Loading. It saves memory by loading certain data as needed, and unloading it when it’s not used for a while. Like most optimizati...

[Game Update] Hamlet - 341281 - - 2019/06/06 18:17

Bug FixesPig town is more consistent now. Shouldn’t have missing pig palacesFixed issue where the “Travel” option would not show on teleportato in adventure mode when playing with controller.The Camer...

Hail Survivors, Don’t Starve: Hamlet has come out of Early Access! + Game Update 338264 - - 2019/05/14 16:58

[]A great big thank you to everyone who participated during our Early Access period. The Don’t Starve community is one of the best to interact with, so full of passion and enthusias...
Don't Starve Together

[Game Hotfix] - 463593 - - 2021/05/11 20:24

Fixed bug causing invisible floating hats when using the Clean Sweeper. Fixed a bug that caused certain objects that emit light in your inventory to not properly display for other players. Fixed a bug...

[Game Hotfix] - 463347 - - 2021/05/07 22:43

Bug Fixes: Misshapen Birds and Moonblind Crows are hauntable now The Celestial Champion no longer goes out of its way to attack small animals like birds and Moon Moths. Fixed missing state on Skitter...

[Game Hotfix] - 463073 - - 2021/05/06 18:37

Bug Fixes:Fixed a crash with the moonstorm ground lightning.Fixed invisible Gift Wrapped items.Fixed Bundle Wraps from losing their skin information when cancelling the wrapping.Fixed Chester’s Woolly...

Don't Starve Together - Return of Them: Eye of The Storm Now Available! - - 2021/05/05 16:32

With the three lunar altars now complete, the truth at the center of this ancient mystery will finally come to light...They've been here all along.Don't Starve Together: Return of Them - Eye of the St...

Return of Them - The Eye of the Storm is coming next week! - - 2021/04/29 22:12

Hey everybody, "Eye of The Storm" the conclusion of the "Return of Them" season of updates is coming next week on May 5th at 10am PDT. Note that this is a Wednesday instead of our usual Thursday updat...


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Eyes of Storm追加要素体験談【ネタバレ含】【ベータ】

以下 Don't Starve Together Eyes of Stormアップデートをベータ版…

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自分メモ(Eye of the Storm)

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