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Wilson Portrait.png
He lived a good life.

Wilson, when examining Dead Jellyfish

Willow Portrait.png
Won't be stingin' anyone now.

Willow, when examining Dead Jellyfish

Wolfgang Portrait.png
It stood no chance against Wolfgang.

Wolfgang, when examining Dead Jellyfish

Wendy Portrait.png
It was a painless death. The beast had no nervous system.

Wendy, when examining Dead Jellyfish

WX-78 Portrait.png

WX-78, when examining Dead Jellyfish

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
Mind you don't step in that.

Wickerbottom, when examining Dead Jellyfish

Woodie Portrait.png
The life's all but drained out of it, eh?

Woodie, when examining Dead Jellyfish

Waxwell Portrait.png
I like it better dead.

Maxwell, when examining Dead Jellyfish

Wigfrid Portrait.png
The sea mönster rides tö Valhalla!

Wigfrid, when examining Dead Jellyfish

Webber Portrait.png
It's not jelly or fish. It's also not alive.

Webber, when examining Dead Jellyfish

Walani Portrait.png
It might still sting me.

Walani, when examining Dead Jellyfish

Warly Portrait.png
Ohh, its petit face.

Warly, when examining Dead Jellyfish

Woodlegs Portrait.png
Shockin'ly dead.

Woodlegs, when examining Dead Jellyfish

Dead Jellyfish(死んだクラゲ)Shipwreckedにおける魚介類食料アイテムです。クラゲを殺すことで得られます。モンスターフードとして扱われ、調理鍋に2つ以上入れるとモンスターラザニアになってしまいます。

地面に落とした死んだクラゲを拾うと感電し、5Health Meter.png減少します。このダメージはSnakeskin HatSnakeskin Jacketのような耐性を持つアイテムを装備することで防ぐことができます。

Cooked Jellyfish[]

Wilson Portrait.png
It's all wriggly.

Wilson, when examining Cooked Jellyfish

Willow Portrait.png
It actually looks edible.

Willow, when examining Cooked Jellyfish

Wolfgang Portrait.png
Jelly looks tasty now.

Wolfgang, when examining Cooked Jellyfish

Wendy Portrait.png
It's sort of like gelatin.

Wendy, when examining Cooked Jellyfish

WX-78 Portrait.png

WX-78, when examining Cooked Jellyfish

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
I have made it edible with a controlled chemical reaction.

Wickerbottom, when examining Cooked Jellyfish

Woodie Portrait.png
I think this is as edible as it gets.

Woodie, when examining Cooked Jellyfish

Waxwell Portrait.png
It will do, I suppose.

Maxwell, when examining Cooked Jellyfish

Wigfrid Portrait.png
The sea mönster cööks up well!

Wigfrid, when examining Cooked Jellyfish

Webber Portrait.png
We hoped it would be more... solid.

Webber, when examining Cooked Jellyfish

Walani Portrait.png
I hope this doesn't sting me.

Walani, when examining Cooked Jellyfish

Warly Portrait.png
Could use sesame oil and chilis...

Warly, when examining Cooked Jellyfish

Woodlegs Portrait.png
Shockin'ly tasty.

Woodlegs, when examining Cooked Jellyfish

Cooked Jellyfish(調理済みのクラゲ)は死んだクラゲをCampfireFire PitStar Caller's StaffChimineaObsidian Fire Pitなどで調理することで得られます。調理前と比べて2倍近くの満腹度回復量が見込め、腐るまでの期間も長くなります。調理鍋ではさまざまな調理に使うことができます。

Icon Tools.png 使い方[]

Dead Jellyfish.png
Fire Pit.png
Cooked Jellyfish.png
Dead Jellyfish.png
Drying Rack.png
Dried Jellyfish.png
Dead Jellyfishes.png
Dead Jellyfishes.png
Yaarctopus Icon.png
Octopus Chest.png

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