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Il Fornello è Food structure che permette al giocatore di combinare 4 cibi per crearne, a seconda della ricetta, un piatto più elaborato. Per costruirlo servono 3 Blocchi di pietra, 6 pezzi di Carbone, 6 Ramoscelli e una Macchina della scienza.


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Inventory slot backgroundFile:Cut Stone.pngInventory slot backgroundFile:Cut Stone.pngInventory slot backgroundFile:Cut Stone.pngInventory slot background File:Charcoal.png


Inventory slot backgroundTwigs


Interface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundCrock Pot

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Il fornello possiede quattro slots che possono essere riempiti o mettendo un oggetto direttamente nella pentola o negli slot stessi. Ogni slot può contenere un solo oggetto, ed è necessario che tutti gli slot siano pieni affinché la cottura cominci. It takes 40 seconds to cook an average recipe (exact times are listed in each individual recipe). Tutti gli alimenti cucinati possono essere impilati in uno slot fino a 40 pezzi. Se del cibo avariato è utilizzato nella ricetta esso avrà effetto sulla data di scadenza della pietanza cucinata. Il cibo cucinato non inizierà ad andare a male finché rimarrà nel fornello.

Suggerimento: When the crock pot is open, you can shift+click any cookable item to move it instantly into the pot.


Ingredients Modifica

Items that can be used as ingredients are:

Disallowed food includes: Template:Pic32 Template:Pic32 Template:Pic32 Template:Pic32 Template:Pic32 Template:Pic32Template:Pic32 Template:Pic32 Template:Pic32 Template:Pic32 Template:Pic32 Template:Pic32 Template:Pic32 Template:Pic32Template:Pic32Template:Pic32Template:Pic32Template:Pic32Template:Pic32Template:Pic32Template:Pic32

Crock Pot meals themselves cannot be cooked further.

Food Categories Modifica

Crock Pot recipes differentiate between Fruits Template:Pic24, Vegetables Template:Pic24, Eggs Template:Pic24, and Meats Template:Pic24. Some recipes call for any member of the category, such as Butter Muffin Template:Pic24 which requires any Vegetable Template:Pic24 rather than a specific one.

Not all members of the categories are equal; for example, it takes two Morsels Template:Pic24 to count as much meat as a normal piece of Meat Template:Pic24. See the Mechanics section for the complete lists of what foods are in each category, and their relative values.

Some foods do not fall into any of these three categories (e.g. Butterfly Wings Template:Pic24). In fact, some may act like a meat or vegetable/fruit when fed to Pigs, but do not count as that category for Crock Pot recipes (e.g. Petals Template:Pic24).

Monster Food Modifica

If too much Monster Food is used as ingredients (including in the Filler), the recipe will produce Monster Lasagna Template:Pic24 instead. See the Mechanics section for details.

These ingredients count as Monster Food towards making Monster Lasagna: Template:Pic32 Template:Pic32 Template:Pic32 Template:Pic32 Template:Pic32

Filler Modifica

Some recipes call for less than four specific ingredients, but the Crock Pot always requires four items to cook. In this case, the remaining slots can be filled with "filler" ingredients.

Any item that can be used as an ingredient can be used as filler, though many recipes explicitly prohibit certain foods from being used in the filler. For example, Dragonpie Template:Pic24 requires only one Dragon Fruit Template:Pic24, but cannot have any Meat Template:Pic24 in the filler.

Unless prohibited, the otherwise-inedible Twigs Template:Pic24 can be used as a filler. This is commonly considered the "most efficient" filler. Despite being edible, Seeds Template:Pic24 and Toasted Seeds Template:Pic24 cannot be used as filler.

Crock Pot RecipesModifica


Food Name HealthMeter HungerMeter SanityMeter Rot Crock Pot Priority Recipe
Requires Filler
48pxBacon and Eggs +20 +75 +5204010 32px×2 32px×1.5

no 32px

48pxButter Muffin +20 +37.5 +515401 32px×1 32px×0.5 no 32px
48pxDragonpie +40 +75 +515401 32px×1 no 32px
48pxFish Tacos +20 +37.5 +561010 32px×1 32px×1
48pxFishsticks +40 +37.5 +5104010 32px×1 Twigs×1

maximum Twigs×1

48pxFist Full of Jam +3 +37.5 +515100 32px×0.5

no 32px

no 32px

no Twigs

48pxFroggle Bunwich +20 +37.5 +515401 32px×1 32px×0.5
48pxFruit Medley +20 +25 +56100 32px×3

no 32px

no 32px

48pxHoney Ham +30 +75 +515402 32px×1 32px×2 no Twigs
48pxHoney Nuggets +20 +37.5 +515402 32px×1 32px×0.5 no Twigs
48pxKabobs +3 +37.5 +515405 32px×0.5 Twigs×1

maximum Twigs×1

48pxMandrake Soup +100 +150 +566010 32px×1
48pxMeatballs +3 +62.5 +51015 -1 32px×0.5 no Twigs
48pxMeaty Stew +12 +150 +510150 32px×3 no Twigs
48pxMonster Lasagna -20 +37.5 -2061010 100px×2 no Twigs
48pxPierogi +40 +37.5 +520205 32px×1 32px×0.5
no Twigs


Powdercake -3 0 0 18750 10 10

32px x1

32px x1

no 32px

no 32px

48pxPumpkin Cookie0 +37.5 +15104010 32px×1 (32pxor32px) ×2
48pxRatatouille +3 +25 +515200 32px×0.5

no 32px

no Twigs

48pxStuffed Eggplant +3 +37.5 +515401 32px×1 32px×0.5
48pxTaffy -3 +25 +15154010 (32pxor32px) ×3 no 32px
48pxTurkey Dinner +20 +75 +566010 32px×2 32px×0.5 (32px or 32px) ×0.5 no Twigs
48pxUnagi +20 +18.8 +5101020 32px×1 32px×1
48pxWaffles +60 +37.5 +561010 32px×1 32px×1 32px×1
48pxWet Goop00065 -2 Twigsx4
HealthMeter Health HungerMeter Hunger SanityMeter Sanity Rot Perish Time (days) Crock Pot Cook Time (sec) 24px Priority

Mechanics Modifica

File:Crock Pot Foods.png

Before looking into the mechanism, here are some reminders:

  • Some Crock Pot dishes give fewer hunger/health points than the sum of their components. E.g. it's better to just eat 4×Template:Pic24 [+12 HealthMeter +50 HungerMeter] than to make a Template:Pic24 [+3 HealthMeter +25 HungerMeter] with them. However, with very few exceptions all Crock Pot recipes will restore 5 SanityMeter which may make the inefficiency desirable. Additionally, as the Crock Pot reduces spoilage, it is also almost always more efficient to cook stale or spoiled ingredients than to eat them directly.
  • Placing more than 1 Monster Food (Template:Pic24, Template:Pic24, Template:Pic24, Template:Pic24, Template:Pic24) will result in Monster Lasagna in most cases, unless Twigs have been added.

The outcome of the Crock Pot is not randomly decided between recipes. It can be cooked with the given ingredients. Each recipe can require certain items to be present, for example Meatballs requires one of the Meats and can never be cooked without any. Similarly, recipes can exclude certain items, for example Dragonpie excludes Meats and can never be cooked if meat is included.

Each recipe has a priority rating, which decides what the result of the current cooking session will be. The recipe with the highest rating will always be chosen. If there are several recipes with the same importance, a random recipe will be chosen. Some recipes have importance of 0 or below, which means they will never be chosen over other recipes. Such as, Wet Goop, which is always a valid result, but never chosen over anything else due to having -2 importance. The only exception is 0 importance recipes Fist Full of Jam, Fruit Medley and Ratatouille, which appear to always get chosen in that order.

Crock Pot requires 4 food items, however some recipe requirements can be fulfilled with less than 4 items. In such recipes, the remaining slots can be filled by any cookable item that doesn't affect the original recipe or produce a different recipe. For example, Meatballs can be made with 1 Morsel. The remaining three slots could be 3 more Morsels or 3 Butter. However, adding Twigs will result in Kabobs, as they are higher importance than the Meatballs.

Here is an example of possible recipes from Fish + Cooked Frog Legs + Corn + Twigs: Fishsticks [Importance=10], Fish Tacos [Importance=10], Kabobs [Importance=5], Froggle Bunwich [1], Wet Goop [-2]. This means the result will be Fishsticks 50% and Fish Tacos 50% of the time, but not Kabobs or any other ones.

Meat valuesModifica

Meat recipes, instead of a certain number of Meat items, require a certain amount of "meatiness". Different meats have different meatiness values, these being:

The total meatiness is the sum of individual item meatiness. So, for example, Template:Pic24 makes 1, Template:Pic24+Template:Pic24 make 1.5, and Template:Pic24+Template:Pic24+Template:Pic24 make 1.5. This means Template:Pic24 (which requires >2 meatiness) can be cooked with 2×Template:Pic24 (=2) or 1×Template:Pic24 and 2×Template:Pic24 (=2.0), but not, for example, with 1×Template:Pic24 (=1) or 1×Template:Pic24 (=0.5).

Fruit valuesModifica

Berries only count as half a whole Fruit. Thus, for example, recipes requiring Fruits will require at least 2 Berries to fulfill the requirement. Note, that Durian also counts as Monster Food as well as 1 fruit.

Vegetable valuesModifica

Egg valuesModifica

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